Day 19: 30 Day Nature Challenge


Meet Ginger, one of my neighbor’s dog 🐶 who greets my kids & me almost every morning. As soon as she sees us, she gets off her perch (a seat near the front door, where she watches the world go by) and runs over to us, tail wagging an all. It’s a real treat to see her every morning and we look forward to petting her and saying hi! I sometimes wonder if the owners know how much of a beloved neighborhood pet she is because we’re not the only ones who love on her so hard every day! 

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Day 18: 30 Day Nature Challenge


Trees in the fall remind us that in order to make room to grow, we first have to slow down and let go. They shed their leaves and brace themselves for calmer days and nights come winter, until they bloom again in the spring, ready to show off their gorgeous canopies. After a roller coaster of a year, this month has been a pleasant surprise, full of wonder and opportunity. Challenges, yes, and some of my friends are going through some difficult times, too, but as I glance up in the sky and pause, I also take a moment to reflect on the good around us. I'm grateful for my friends who've been amazing and supportive, and who continue to share their good fortunes with me. I'm happy to live in a city that is robust and rich, despite its frustrations. I love my family, quirky as they are. Today is a good day. I'm really ready for fall.

Day 17: 30 Day Nature Challenge

Boots Planter #30DayNatureChallenge.jpg

Even though fall officially begins next week, I am feeling the boots and sweater weather today and I’m getting excited! I love what this homeowner did with a pair of 🥾 . Clever. It’s amazing what I’m starting to “see” everyday during my walks with this challenge. Day 17 of #30daynaturechallenge #Chicago

Day 4: 30 Days of Nature

Mystery squash. 4th day of #30DayNatureChallenge.

Mystery squash. 4th day of #30DayNatureChallenge.

Today’s post is a mystery because it’s another one of those spring excitement purchases that I don’t really know what I bought and am growing. Anyone have a clue? I guess that’s a side benefit of my #30DayNatureChallenge - it’s giving me a good reason to check out what I’m growing!

Day 2: 30 Days of Nature

These pretty (and delicious) tomatoes growing in my backyard. #30daynaturechallenge

These pretty (and delicious) tomatoes growing in my backyard. #30daynaturechallenge

One of the reasons I love the Spring season in Chicago is because I get really excited about starting my garden. This year I decided to go all out with tomatoes because they’re easy for me to grow and I love eating them.

I did the bulk of my tomato plant buying at the new City Grange shop and I bought two more “mystery” tomato plants from the Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse plant sale. These yellow tomatoes are one of the “mystery plants” and one of my favorite tomatoes this season.

I’m going to try and save the seeds like my mother and brother recommended and see if I can successfully grow them next year.

#30daynaturechallenge is off to a good start. Day 2 of 30, done! ✔️ ☺️ 🍅